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    Compare Metal Buildings From Multiple Dealers

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    Steel Building
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    Alaska Steel Buildings

    Alaska steel buildings are available in a wide variety of models and floor plans. Whether you are searching for a new garage, a metal storage building, or would like to build a horse barn to house your animals in the cold Alaska winters, you can find a metal design that will be the perfect solution.

    Alaska metal buildings are beautiful, durable and low maintenance. Originally designed to house the military, these buildings are now extremely popular in AK because of their low maintenance and speed of construction due to the short season in AK. You can choose from arch designs to pole barns or even a pre fab building to use as your home. No matter what your choice, you will be very pleased with your Alaska metal buildings.

    Define Your Need

    Your first step to finding the perfect Alaska steel buildings is to define your need. Perhaps you would like to build a garage to house your favorite car, or maybe you would are building a new office building. No matter what your need, Alaska metal buildings are so versatile you can find one that fits that need perfectly.

    There are several questions you should answer when defining what kind of structure you would like to purchase. Do you need a large open space? Does it need to be heated? How many doors and windows do you need and what kind? Will you have trucks entering or exiting? Each of these questions will allow you to determine which Alaska steel buildings will work for your particular requirements.

    If you need a large open space for storage, consider Alaska metal buildings with clear span design. Clear span design has stronger beams in the ceiling to allow for a lack of columns in the center. These designs are perfect for warehouses or arenas that need the large open space without obstructions. If you need large doors to allow vehicles into your warehouse, you will want to decide what kind of doors. These could be sliding, sectional or even rolling doors.

    If you are building an office, you will want to determine what kind of material you would like on your exterior finish. Exterior and interior finishes are available in many colors and materials. You should also consider what type of windows or doors you would like. Perhaps you would prefer to have a double door with a canopy on the front entryway? Or maybe you would prefer a large glass front. Whatever you desire, Alaska steel buildings can provide you functional, low maintenance buildings that can be easily expanded should the need arise later.

    Perhaps you are looking to build a garage in your backyard in Alaska but would like to convert it to a guest cottage for an aging relative later. Consider adding your heating, insulation and plumbing now, to allow for an easy conversion later. You can even buy steel building kits that are perfect for do it yourselfers.

    Other types of metal designs that are perfect for Alaska are the steel arch designs. These buildings are designed to withstand the heavy snow that is prevalent in Alaska. Built in an arch design, they are easy to heat and energy efficient. You can choose from high straight walls with a rounded roof, or the low Quonset hut types like the military still uses today.

    Alaska steel buildings have a tremendous amount of uses. From parking garages to churches, or even storage buildings for crops, there are many designs available. By defining your primary and even a secondary use up front, you can be sure to find Alaska metal buildings to fit your requirements.

    Choose your Site

    Your next consideration for your Alaska metal buildings is the build site. Many steel structure companies can help you with your local building department. Be sure to know what your local regulations are before purchasing your metal structure. Do you have site setback requirements in your area? Site setback is the distance from the right of way of the road to the front of your building. Is your site zoned for commercial use if that is your plan? Talk to your local building department to determine what other considerations there might be for your site.

    Decide on a Supplier

    Finding a supplier for Alaska metal buildings is as easy as shopping online but there are things you should look for. Your steel building should come with excellent warranties. Some warranties are as high as 50 years for the structure and 20 years for the paint. You should also look for a supplier who offers excellent 24 hour customer service.

    Alaska steel buildings are energy efficient, low maintenance, and can be both functional and stylish. Whether you are looking for a new home, or an office building, you can find a metal design that will please your sense of style while not breaking your budget.

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