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    Steel Building
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    Commercial Steel Building Costs

    Commercial steel building costs are hard to predict with any accuracy because there are so many different factors that go into the determination of these costs. Building codes, for example, vary from locality to locality, and they can drive production and even labor costs higher or lower based on what they require of the commercial steel buildings being manufactured and installed. Larger snow loads are required in areas that get a lot of snow, like the northern and mountainous regions of the country. That, too, adds to the cost of a building. It is hard to predict with precision ahead of time, but it is still useful to look at some of the factors that go into what makes up the cost of a steel building as part of some helpful commercial steel building buying tips.

    Typical Commercial Steel Buildings Pricing

    Even though pinpointing an exact average cost is tough, in general working on a square foot basis we can get some sense of what these metal structures tend to run. $16 to $20 per square foot covers the cost of very basic rigid frame commercial steel buildings, on average. Of course, these prices are extremely general and do not constitute an attempt to price out any particular project. There are too many variable to be able to do so with any effectiveness. Finished interiors, wiring, insulation, and other expenses can drive that cost up to $40 per square foot or higher. Complex designs with finished office space and other custom work completed after the basic manufacture and assembly obviously are not considered in this financial context.

    Commercial Steel Material Prices

    The cost of materials can vary a great deal depending on the project and its intended purpose. Some buildings cost much more than others per square foot. $5 to $15 per square foot usually covers raw material costs, although this can and does vary.

    Concrete Foundation Costs

    Commercial steel buildings require a concrete foundation, getting that work does usually costs in the range of $4 to $8 per square foot of building space. The cost per square foot on this part of the commercial steel buildings project will vary tremendously depending on the size of the commercial project.

    Steel Building Labor Costs

    The labor expense related to the assembly of commercial steel buildings gets more expensive generally as the projects get bigger and more complex in their scope. GCs often include this cost in their overall bid as well as foundation costs. Smaller or simpler buildings will cost much less, maybe as little as $3 per square foot for labor, while bigger or more complicated assembly projects will take $10 or more.

    Metal Building Contract Tips

    Look over the terms of your purchase agreement very carefully and make sure you fully understand every part of it before you sign. Do not fork over any money for buildings you may not want or that do not fit your specifications. Make sure the commercial buildings being sold are really the ones you want to buy. Look for substitution clauses, and check out the division of responsibilities as it is outlined in the agreement. If you are getting what you think is a great deal on a full install only to find that all it includes is a couple of guys dropping off the materials at the site, you may be in trouble.

    Commercial steel buildings are a great investment but you have to protect yourself in the purchase of these buildings and make sure you are not getting taken. It may be worthwhile to have a lawyer read over your commercial steel buildings paperwork before you sign.

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