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    Compare Metal Buildings From Multiple Dealers

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    Steel Building
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    Oregon Steel Buildings

    Oregon steel buildings are affordable, adaptable, functional and durable. Combine that with their stylish beauty, low maintenance, and energy efficiency, you have the perfect metal buildings to fit your needs. Whether you require a storage facility in Medford, Oregon, or a boathouse in Lincoln Beach, OR, you will find Oregon metal buildings to be economical, adaptable to almost any building site and easy to construct. Before you shop consider the suggestions below to help you find your perfect steel buildings.

    Identify Your Purpose

    Identifying the purpose for your Oregon metal buildings is the first step in purchasing your new steel buildings. Put together a floor plan that identifies the size, number of rooms, restrooms, plumbing needs and any other requirements you might have. If you are building a warehouse will you need high rolling type entry doors for vehicles? Will a loading dock be required? If you are planning office buildings, identify what type of exterior and interior finishes you would like to have. If you need a large space without columns, consider using clear span construction. Clear span construction uses stronger steel beams thus eliminating the need for columns. This is perfect for ice skating rinks, interior riding arenas, or gymnasiums.

    You should also consider your need for HVAC units. If you are building offices or strip malls you will need to plan on having an HVAC unit as well as additional insulation for the comfort of your employees and customers. If you do not require heating and air conditioning units, or only need it in part of your Oregon steel buildings, you can save a significant amount of money on the insulation and HVAC costs.

    Site Considerations

    Once you have your purpose and floor plan for your Oregon steel buildings identified, your next step is to consider the site you plan to build on. Oregon metal buildings are adaptable to almost any foundation which gives you versatility on location. If you are building a storage shed in your back yard you may want to make sure you can get the equipment needed into to the site to level the ground. If you have rock considerations you will need to plan your foundation accordingly. 

    Another consideration is the building codes and regulations in your area. Make sure your site is zoned for commercial use if that is your plan. Find out what the metal building regulations are for Oregon and make sure you follow them. If you are building in a residential neighborhood you may want to check with the home owners association before you purchase your Oregon metal building. Home owner associations commonly dictate size, color, material, and the location of any new building in the neighborhood.

    You should also check into the site setbacks that are required for construction at your location. A site setback is the required distance between the edge of the right of way and the front of your building. These regulations can be costly if ignored. You will have to move your building if you set it too close to the right of way.

    Choosing a Metal Dealer

    Now that you have your plan and site chosen, it is time to choose your Oregon metal buildings dealer. You will easily find many available and will need to compare quotes from several to save money. There are several items to consider when choosing your steel broker. Customer service, financing, warranties and quality, are just a few. Your dealer should provide 24 hour customer service in case you run into a problem on the weekend or outside normal business hours. Ask for financing options and compare rates. Review their available warranties and ask questions if you need to. Many Oregon Steel buildings come with excellent warranties. A structural warranty can be 50 years or more.

    Make sure your dealer is a reputable company familiar with constructing Oregon steel buildings. Some dealers will even help you walk your plan through the planning and building department in Oregon to save you time and eliminate potential issues. If you plan on purchasing a turnkey constructed building, be sure to ask who the contractor will be and check their references.

    There are many dealers to choose from and with careful consideration, attention to detail, and cost comparison, you are sure to find one that will work for you.
    Oregon metal buildings are functional and stylish but their desirability does not stop there. With their low maintenance and energy efficient design they continue to save you money long after your purchase. By identifying the purpose of your Oregon metal buildings, choosing your site carefully and finding a reputable dealer you are guaranteed to find the perfect building to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for Oregon metal buildings kit to build yourself or want to buy a completely constructed package, Oregon steel buildings are a perfect choice.

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